Misogyny is a Bisexual Issue

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2021.09.19 09:54 labefactations Misogyny is a Bisexual Issue

Recently, I saw a discussion being had that I thought we would never have to see happen in a community of marginalized people but here we are. For those who need to be reminded; Misogyny is still a rampant issue.
The discrimination Bi women face from both straight and LGBT people is inherently tied into misogyny and there is no way we can deny that fact. A perfect example is the way bi women exist as merely sex objects to straight men to coerce into threesomes or use as a muse for jerk off fantasies, only for the LGBT community to see this fetishism as acceptance, and therefore a lack of discrimination. Performative bisexuality from straight women and the encouragement of it from straight men is not privilege, it is fetishization, objectification, and biphobia.
Bisexual women are frequently the target of sexual harassment from men. Isabella Simonetti, former president of the Daily Pennsylvanian, shares about how a male acquaintance asked her deeply personal questions about who she would sleep with, who she was attracted to and if she would be interested in threesomes with him. Bisexual women disproportionately face higher rates of rape and sexual assaults compared to lesbians and straight women, with men being the perpetrator 89.5% of the time. This is no coincidence. These hypersexual stereotypes along with the fetishism of bi women come together to make bi women a target for assault. When we live in society where only 25 out of 1,000 rapists will be incarcerated and where up to 200,000 rape kits remained untested, there is little hope that we can close this gap and make the world a safer place for women in general. The act of victim-blaming only makes this reality worse.
Bi women are often shamed by the rest of the LGBT community for dating men. I very distinctly remember a tiktok video where a non bisexual woman is saying, “you could have chosen to date a woman or a non-binary person, and you chose to date a man.” For my own sanity, I am not re-installing tiktok to go dig for it, but her words often ring in my head when I read through these statistics as so many silently agree with her. There are no resources exclusively tailored for Bi women who face sexual and domestic violence. We are blamed for the violence that has been done to us and then have no resources to heal. This where rape culture and biphobia connect to target Bi women.
Poverty is one of the most overlooked issues that bisexual women deal with. Despite making up slightly more than half of the workforce, women have significantly higher rates of poverty. 21% to 30% of bisexual women are reported as living in poverty. Traditionally “feminine” jobs such as nursing, teaching, or secretarial work is often valued less than traditionally “masculine” job such as being a doctor, being a professor or being a programmer, something that used to be considered secretarial work. Because these professions are valued less by society, they are paid less despite sometimes doing more work, or taking on more responsibilities outside of work, like child-rearing or house-keeping. Even in the modern year of 2021, workplace discrimination is very much a reality for LGBT people. Up to 46% of LGBT workers faced discrimination in the workplace in the past year. In my personal experience, when brought up in relevant conversation, my straight coworkers have rolled their eyes at me being out as bisexual, or have even expressed homophobic beliefs to me assuming that I was straight and would agree with them. I had lesbian coworkers imply that my being with a man was gross when I could be with a woman instead, or even have them ignore me completely if I made a comment about my straight, male fiancé as if my relationship was less important or special than theirs because it was opposite-sex. Workplace discrimination from both straight and gay coworkers mixed with a very patriarchal workforce make employment more difficult for bisexual women to navigate and poverty even harder to escape.
Now you may be asking yourself, well what can we do to solve these issues?
The answer is quite simple
We must address the way misogyny and biphobia intersect to oppress bi women even further. We must not allow misogyny or entertain misogynistic thinking in Bisexual spaces. We must believe bi women who are victims of domestic and sexual violence when they discuss the things that were done to them. We must create bisexual exclusive spaces for victims to supported and to heal. We must fight for higher wages, fight for more equality in household responsibility and fight for LGBT safe workspaces. We must call out misogyny and biphobia alike and alongside each other.
If we do not have intersectionality in our spaces, we cannot fight for all bisexuals. If we are not also fighting for the poor, for BIPOC, for the disabled, for our trans siblings, we are not fighting for bisexuals.
Sources Used/Further Reading
Hope this shines a light on this issue and provided you with some information and sources you can share to spread awareness. I must warn that this isn't my best work, as I was up very late writing this but I felt very much obligated after some discourse I witnessed.
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2021.09.19 09:54 daisiesdsrcin Reptile is out of place in The Downward Spiral

So I was thinking, why is reptile between Eraser and The Downward Spiral ?
This is only my interpretation by the way.
Starting from Warm Place - protagonist thinks and feels like it's all getting better, Mr Self Destruct/Ruiner left him for good, maybe this is the end of his suffering, he lives and gets better.
Then Eraser - Deletes his previous hopes of getting better, in the most brutal and inhuman way. Mr. Self Destruct played with him, pretending to leave him but made it worse by tearing protagonist from his last hopes.
Then suddenly Reptile - song about love and lust, very much out of place, doesn't connect to previous two songs
Then Downward Spiral and Hurt - if you know, you know
Now this is order of Downward Spiral in which Spotify displaces it
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2021.09.19 09:54 bitterbenjiEXX Homesickness

Has anybody else moved in this week and already feeling homesick?
All my flatmates seem to be having a great time but I just feel anxious and sick and terrible.
Anybody else?
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2021.09.19 09:54 Imaginary-Driver-517 About triggers

This might be a stupid question but what difference does the trigger make?
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2021.09.19 09:54 ParmesanQueen Thoughts on casting

It always surprises me seeing the characters and their “parents”, because they actually look like they could be related. Specifically with Adam and his dad, and Maeve and her mom. During the bowling scene in episode 3, it hit me how much Adam looks like “his dad” when he made that grumpy/thoughtful/??? face that he makes a lot.
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2021.09.19 09:54 cenagami Occupied Cron Castel mission... help

I have been killing scouts for a while now and still no Secret Document? What do I do?
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2021.09.19 09:54 Chrono_Trig Who would win DeathBattleX Megaman X vs Mighty number 9? Vote now

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2021.09.19 09:54 anxietyvvitch Help with decorating for Decades Challenge!

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2021.09.19 09:54 ender3014 Where in Drezen is Halaseliax?

I am on Gold Dragon Mythic Patch. He said he'll be in Drezen waiting so something.
Cant find him, got no quest either.
My previous Lich play through got quest for 9 mythic rank straight away so...
Bug? Or i get it later?
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2021.09.19 09:54 Soaring_Eagle590 What's therapist reply to Susan? Fun reply only

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2021.09.19 09:54 TeresaXO MNOVA over spinworks for CM2061

spinworks is needed for NMR processing for CM2061, was wondering if anybody knows if i can use MNOVA and submit spectra made by MNOVA since spinworks seem to be impossible to get a copy of anymore ( whereas mnova lite license comes with chemdraw given to cbc students )
btw, greatly appreciated if anybody can drop me a working link to download spinworks, the original manitoba website doesn't work anymore
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2021.09.19 09:54 RepresentativeEgg360 What is the difference/meaning between setting a sell order as a cash or margin trade?

I am attempting to set a GtC order for one of my securities prior to going into the trading week, as I won't be able to manage my account during the first hour or two on Monday and wanna just go ahead and knock it out of the way right now.
This is actually a position I've been long in for a while, so never actually sold from my Fidelity account and don't really know what the significance is here.
Picture related is what I see. I can select either of "Margin" or "Trade" for "Trade Type". Now, these shares are all held in a cash account, and I'm guessing that the difference is that if I execute them as a Margin trade, I would have the proceeds deposited into my account for immediate use in trading should I wish; whereas if I placed a Cash trade, I would have to wait for clearing before I can touch the funds in any way (trading or withdrawing). Is this right? Is that the only difference? If I have no intention of reinvesting and just wanna withdraw this money as soon as it's available, should I go ahead and place it as a Cash trade?
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2021.09.19 09:54 azrazrazrazr A simple one. The last puzzle I did was 20 years ago.

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2021.09.19 09:54 jorgenalm Mild single sided hearing loss, should I use hearing aid?

I just want to know from people who have mild single sided hearing loss, do you use hearing aid on that ear? Is it risky to wait some years before you start to use it?
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2021.09.19 09:54 freerider I don’t need sleep, I need answers!

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2021.09.19 09:54 BNiceguy Morning people have a nice Sunday (23m)

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2021.09.19 09:54 j_cam18 Super League rage, Ronaldo mania, and the fight for the soul of Manchester United.

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2021.09.19 09:54 LogicGatesSymphony Lego hotdogs

Lego hotdogs, a new restaurant serving everything under the sun and a couple of thousand of them to boot. Located near the city’s border with West Palm Beach, this eatery is a Lego fan’s dream-come-true. The building has been designed to look as much like a Lego set as possible. It’s covered in them, with the Lego bricks even forming the roof. It’s a fun, brightly colored experience, full of toys and games, just like any toy store. But this shop is far more than that. I’m here to see Legoworld Restaurant and Bar, a place that sells every sort of food that you’d find at any grocery store. I order up a plate of “hot dogs” for the road.
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2021.09.19 09:54 amandmunoz Fire and Pompeii - The Lonely Cat #34

Fire and Pompeii: Humanity is like the feline, hidden ... but it does not help to hide.
Check out my new NFT on OpenSea!
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2021.09.19 09:54 schootle Do you take away unfinished cat food?

I'm trying to feed my 7month old cat at regular intervals twice a day rather than let her graze. I find that she won't finish her full serving in the morning and come back and graze on it for the next hour. Then again in the afternoon if there are a few leftover kibbles.
Since I only feed wet food at night, I try get her to finish that serving in one go so it doesn't go off sitting around. We have this routine where if I'm nearby she'll come up to me for pats, circle around a bit then go back to her bowl. Several times until the entire bowl is finished. But in the morning this routine doesn't work.
So my question is, since I'm trying to build a feeding routine, should I be taking away her morning bowl if she doesn't finish it in say an hour? Or should I leave it out until she does finish it?
How do you guys approach establishing a feeding routine if you're giving your cat both wet and dry?
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2021.09.19 09:54 Yayihaveanaccount I was happy to see that people liked my current household's teen daughter, so I decided to post the rest of the family!

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2021.09.19 09:54 Hexanilix I'm awaiting for it

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2021.09.19 09:54 banteringCanadian Tips for seeing him for the first time?

I (f16) am seeing him (m18) at the end of October after being together since January of this year. Even though we’ve been together for so long , i have insane anxiety about seeing him . I don’t even know what i’ll say or do or if it’ll be awkward or anything? tips to make it less nerve racking?
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2021.09.19 09:54 lohsarah PEOPLE BREATHING A LIL TOO DEEP

GA peeps - yo dude how many people passed out?!!!!????
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2021.09.19 09:54 big_disgrace What can I do to push for vanquisher do i wait for the artifact chest to get db for energy feed or is there another method?

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