Tokyo Revengers OST - There's a New Day Piano Tutorial

2021.09.19 09:23 JayCreator7 Tokyo Revengers OST - There's a New Day Piano Tutorial

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2021.09.19 09:23 808sandprivacy What is a real life example of this game?

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2021.09.19 09:23 BashfulTendencies Bashful tendencies - Little Lights. This song is the first I have written on the ukulele it took 5 hours to write, record & release. I hope you enjoy it.

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2021.09.19 09:23 BigGunsGoBoom Last quarter of 2021 - which Tier 10 ships are considered competitive?

Since I do not have unlimited time and resources to play World of Warships, I request you fellas' help to better assess the state of the game as of September 2021.
My goal here is to understand which Tier 10 ships (and therefore lines) are worth grinding, and which should be avoided (powecreep, bad for the meta, and so on).
All classes, as well as individual premiums, apply.
If it's steel ships, or premiums that have been removed due to excessive efficiency, do mention them too so I would know which ships to be wary of if I meet them in battle.
Thanks, have a nice day. o7
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2021.09.19 09:23 SSSB_Games RDR 2: We Well Pay you Very Handsomely, Mr Morgan #shorts #sssbgames

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2021.09.19 09:23 Ok_Package_593 Mycoplasma Genitalium/Hominis: What are your symptoms?

I’ve been reading over everyone’s symptoms and aside from the symptoms from the UTI’s UParvum gives me, the only symptoms I have are strange discharge colors (off white, tan-ish,slightly yellow), very slight itching that goes away fast and discharge that smells like onions (that also comes and goes)???
If I don’t have a UTI, those are my only symptoms.
And when I get swabbed, BV is negative & so is yeast soooooo???
What are your symptoms?

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2021.09.19 09:23 love_poison_ Anushka Sen Cute Fuck doll Checking your Morning Boner And Giggles

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2021.09.19 09:23 Stringoffate3 Should I get take the ptcb?

So I'm just a basic licensed tech in a nice slow / no drive thru store. The pay is...okay but it's definitely a much lower stressed store compared to the others.
My origin plan was to get licensed, pass the company's test in 6 months then get certified and then quit and move on to a hospital.
But I really like my bosses and co workers. Even the customers are nice! I'm also very bad at studying and even though I've been working for almost 1 year (next month is the 1 yr mark). I still don't remember the top 200 brand / generic + what they are. I struggle A LOT with the company's test and I even "cheated" by having some notes! I had 2 hrs to complete it and can only miss about 15 questions. I barely finished within the time limit and missed 14 questions!
They offer $1 pay increase and pay for the test. I feel like I should take it. Like I have to. And even try to learn immunization too. But I don't know. I guess I just want some advice and see what you guys think.
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2021.09.19 09:23 LSGR pppopo

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2021.09.19 09:23 EndPotential3659 KATE made me wanna make this AU a thing

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2021.09.19 09:23 LilPolish907 Drones

Anyone know if I can put 2 seperate recievers in my fatshark goggles?
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2021.09.19 09:23 lss_bvt_and_10 LssTest-TextPost-79895

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2021.09.19 09:23 MelanieIsaGold Top 50 Global - Top Hits 2021 - Viral Hits 2021 - Today's Top Hits - Big On The Internet 2021

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2021.09.19 09:23 jotarokujo6969 Comparing china's education system with India is dumb.

Recently, I saw post of a guy talking and praising about how china produces 1.3 million engineers per year amazing feat but india has highest number of skilled migrants that go to different countries almost 3 million every year, but op didn't mention the dark truth behind China's amazing achievement, during 1970-1980, after chaotic time period of mao Zedong, from great leap forward to Chinese cultural revolution China's education system as well as economy was destroyed and gaokao was scrapped because it favoured capitalists according to mao Zedong. Then came father of modern china deng Xiaoping, he was a reformist he brought back gaokao, made Chinese economy open and it was a huge success and to give an example of how much china progressed in Last 40 years search about city of shenzen in china during 1970s it used to be small rural area with few hundred population ,now it's a city with huge skyscrapers and hub of multi-billion Mobile companies, there is also a Gucci belt headquarter their a American capitalist billion dollars company with communist flag at its top🤡. But no one talks about how china achieved it, during 1980s Liberalisation movement started by deng Xiaoping. To achieve this china left it's working class open to exploitation mostly college students were victims of it, even now Chinese educational institutions force labour on school and college students and we all know china tianmen square massacre, it was a protest lead by Chinese students demanding more academic freedom and giving freedom to chinesse professors and intellectuals which lead to tianmen square massacre leaving hundreds of Chinese students dead, so if you think china cares about its students and education system you are dead wrong china sees their students as a tool of economic development and world domination, most Chinese students who go outside of china to study are followed by Chinese government and if they start doing which harm their country they threatened to harm their families and friends in china, also CCP has created various cultural centers in big foreign universities like mit, Harvard, sole purpose of keeping eye on Chinese students and helping Chinese students get higher posts in other countries for the shake of surveillance and spying and the reason why China is developing faster than India because china belives in Marxist Marxist-leninist idea of policy implementation, that debate should be done before making a new policy but once policy is made its should implemented with brute force. China still uses forced labour in its College, also recently china decided to merge private colleges with vocational institutes in Jiangsu province in china which lead to clash between Chinese students and police leaving many Chinese students injured and bill was not taken back until Chinese students held principal and teachers as hostages. Also, in india our education system is shit because we are democracy just look at nep the day it came congress and jnu gang started protesting against it by calling it saffron education system, and asked for the current shitty education system to continue. The biggest enemy of india is not it's government but it's own people, you and me. There are so many unions, like students union, workers union and bank union etc that it's impossible to implement a good policy in india without a protest and ruckus and irony is the concept of labour unions is part of communist and socialists ideology and it's almost non existent in china even if they are they are controlled by Chinese government also if you all are a students and you are being exploitated by Chinese government and education regarding exam dates and mental pressure unlike india you can't file date extension or legal petition in china because china has worst legal system in whole world and it's controlled by Chinese government, so your request will most likely will go unheard. So, the grass always seems greener on the other side. Focus, on jee don't waste your time criticizing india and praising china without knowing shit about china. The reason why India is backwards because India's per capita income is low but per capita opinion is highest among all countries and even opinions are of low quality. Also, I forgot to mention Chinese students mental health as much as worse as indian students because gaokao may not be as hard as jee adv but it's competition is highest almost 15 million students participate in it.
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2021.09.19 09:23 otheman18 Our sex life

I don’t how Many times I’m suppose to tell my wife that I’m not happy with our sex life, I respect her with everything I don’t force the conversation a lot but I have stated to her about how off we are with it, and it’s not a issue of I don’t do nothing as man cause I cook I clean I was the only one working for basically forever she just got a job last week so I know it’s not me I do a lot for our family but she seems like she’s not to into it anytime we do it’s amazing but she’s never in the mood or always kills the mood I don’t know anymore
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2021.09.19 09:23 Long_Ideal_5146 Help!Living with hoarder mom

I am living with my parents in their home and my mom is a special type of hoarder.She likes old food,old groceries,old clothes.She has a hard time throwing away any food and sometimes some items are even one two year old.Whenever we offer to clean she panics and never lets us do anything.She had kept clothes right from our childhood and I am 40 years old now.Most of my adult life I have been trying to get rid of their hoard.Almost 20 bags full of old clothes I have disposed.The breaking point once come when she went to the garbage collecting place to recover two bags she thought had valuable stuff.I bought her a new fridge but even after numerous times I clean it she stores old take way boxes and rotting food in it.Im mentally drained and depressed.I dont want any of my friends to go in the kitchen and see all this mess.I always wanted to have a clean and tidy place where we can socialize.Its been such a draining process to get her to clean anything.Im angry at her ans think to myself once she dies ill throw everything out..I know this sounds kind of extreme but this is the level of frustration I have experienced... Im planning to buy my own place and move out as technically this is her house and her hoard.. my question is how to make someone realize they are hoarders and endangering those around them... Shud u take a psychiatrist appointment?
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2021.09.19 09:23 No-Database1643 Sanding advice

Do you guys Sand All side of your dice to get a equal glassy look or just the side with the cap/sprue?
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2021.09.19 09:23 zombies-- Anyone have prime gaming and not using genshin impact codes?

It would be much appreciated if you could Pm me if your not using then or anything, there should be two active for September so far, thank you :)
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2021.09.19 09:23 dbeats303 MIDI OUT on a Roland TD-07 module?

Yesterday I finally upgraded from a TD-3 to a TD-07KV, only to find out that the new drum module has no direct MIDI OUT anymore, just a USB port to connect to a pc or mac. Which I never wanted to do. I‘m really stunned - how on earth were I able to overlook that? I probably rushed way too fast through all those marketing descriptions, and the guy in the music store wasn‘t aware enough either.
Now, to be able to connect my TD-07 to external MIDI gear like an analog electronic drum synth or just a Rock Band MIDI Pro adapter, what is the easiest solution? Do I absolutely need a computer that just works as a MIDI THROUGH device?
Any help would be very welcome, thx!
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2021.09.19 09:23 Ice_General Hilspar #Fishine

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2021.09.19 09:23 blazeydoz Operation Desert Knife 2.0 Update | Second Post for more Information

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2021.09.19 09:23 DaZombie First timer help

Ahoy all, my Ender 3 V2 finally arrived! I’ve built it using the help of Bryan’s video ( but haven’t leveled it yet. There’s a layer of plastic over the print bed that seems to go under two metal clips. Do I need to remove those clips or can I just tear that sucker off? Also I seem to have at least one of each screw left over, which makes me nervous.
The desk I usually work from wobbles like nothing else, so I’ve popped the printer up here: to level. I’ve got mixed feelings about where it’s sitting, on one hand the cabinet is pretty stable, on the other the front of the printer over hangs quite a bit. I’m assuming the printer needs to be on a super stable surface?
Another thing that has me worried is the white plastic pipe that goes into the extruder doesn’t seems to be super tight, would that be a problem?
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2021.09.19 09:23 PM_TO_ME_ANYTHING [H] FF14 Retail Complete Edition Key [W] $50 paypal or FF14 Steam Complete Edition

Bought it without knowing that it wasn't compatible with steam accts. Want to make a trade for it or some of the money back.
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2021.09.19 09:23 solitudekrish333 Why not?

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2021.09.19 09:23 External-Recipe-1936 Hottest Guy on the Show

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