Aww yeah, back massage

Alia posted two pictures on Instagram. The first has her dressed in a yellow co-ord with daffodil prints and a hat. The second picture is from her childhood. In both the photographs, she sits on the beach. Aww! TMKOC fame Mandar Chandwadkar aka Bhide misses this actor on the sets every day. Tapu aka Bhavya Gandhi quit TMKOC after featuring in it for more than 8 years. By TellychakkarTeam. 23 Jun 2021 04:09 PM. Mumbai. Follow us on Google news to get the best breaking news. Aww Station. 2,408,420 likes · 26,452 talking about this. We adore and care for animals! 84.3k votes, 1.2k comments. 28.9m members in the aww community. Things that make you go AWW! Like puppies, bunnies, babies, and so on... A place for … We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. MUMBAI: Star Plus popular daily soap Imlie is gearing up for interesting twists and drama.Imlie and Aditya are trying to put things in the right way for Nishant and Pallavi, Nishant refuses Pallavi's love.Nishant knows about his illness and doesn't want Pallavi to sign up for that and is super emotional.While Imlie and Aditya now take charge to make Nishant realize his We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Thank you for helping us to raise over $2.2 million! This year’s AWW fundraising events were a combination of online auctions, intimate winemaker dinners in eastern Washington, and a hybrid Gala whichwas live-streamed and in person. We are deeply grateful for your support of the Washington wine industry and our community. Cheers! HELP FUND THE […] 10 Times #BBNaija's Neo & Vee Gave Us Aww-Worthy Moments😍 Features Relationships Sweet Spot Weddings 20 Years Together, 5 Children in Between, The Ayanos are Rocking this Ever After Ride

2021.09.19 09:42 CapnFancyPants Aww yeah, back massage

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2021.09.19 09:42 Ge0m3tric My Arcanine buddie has a kid 😯

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2021.09.19 09:42 snowmann_ Japanese Banks Be Like

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2021.09.19 09:42 Hona007 Awh that's hot... That's hot. Took me like 50 hours cause half cash is worse than chimps.

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2021.09.19 09:42 TerraRainesHasBrains people is my most used word on reddit

people people people people people people
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2021.09.19 09:42 JS_the_emo Trading mer 19 for robux

Offer away! i take roblox gcs too or a halo+robux
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2021.09.19 09:42 antianit life is the most fun when you throw it away

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2021.09.19 09:42 -nostalgiaultra- i wonder if people have realised

realised that boys don’t deserve equal rights and this is definitely not a joke
i’m a lesbian btw so there’s no use for boys in my life ever
jokes are for people who use reddit
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2021.09.19 09:42 gunrh1200 כנסו אחים שאת חדש חדש מפחידדדד

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2021.09.19 09:42 nascarfan88421032 Why did IndyCar move the season finale out of Fontana in 2015?

I never got to go to an IndyCar race at Fontana sadly, but I absolutely would've in 2016 after seeing the 2015 race on TV (I didn't even know a race was happening that day until I channel surfed). But I do remember the 2012-2014 races were the season finale, so why did IndyCar move their date to a mid-day race in June 2015?
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2021.09.19 09:42 morgasm657 A quick little semi impressionist Dartmoor landscape from a walk the other day 5x7"

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2021.09.19 09:42 ThippusHorribilus Sunday Picnic Overload night thread 19 Sept

Topic: What food / drink would you take to your ideal picnic and what location would you choose for your dining?
Do you have a good picnic basket or blanket to recommend for us?
Alt: Anything you like that is lovely and wonderful
Have a smooth night
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2021.09.19 09:42 swell_throwaway What are these weird swells that have been showing up on my body?

I'm M24; 5'6"; 133 pounds. I didn't take any medication since my 2nd vaccine shot in August.
They usually show up on my arms. At first they were exclusively on my hands, but then they went up to my forearms, and a couple of days ago they showed up above my elbows. They last a few hours, and itch but they don't cause pain. They're small and have a reddish color to them.
Today, when I woke up, I got a swelling on my lips, and it is subsiding as of writing this post. This has been happening since early August. I have never had anything like this before.
I asked a dermatologist and he told me that this is a seasonal allergy, and told me to quit soft drinks and prescribed Histadin. Here are a couple of pics of my lips:
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2021.09.19 09:42 Towersven This crime will not be televised... without justification
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2021.09.19 09:42 DarkBytes Horizonal flickering line

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2021.09.19 09:42 BankerThrowaway1993 Ex-Investment Bankers / Corporate Bankers who have changed careers - are you happier now?

I am currently a top corporate & investment banker (3 years in this role) and this pandemic made me realize how unsustainable this job is. I work AT LEAST 12 hours a day and I rarely have time to see my loved ones, and even when I do go on vacation leave, I still have to work 8-10 hours on vacation days. I see my seniors/managers who despite having already climbed the corporate ladder still work 12/14 hour days everyday (E.g. 12 midnight/ 1 am) + work on weekends - this just goes to show that there will be no end to the long working hours even after climbing the ranks. To those who left the industry/changed careers:

  1. What careeindustry did you move to? What's your specific role?
  2. Are you happier? No regrets?
  3. Did you have to take a paycut?
  4. Did you have to upskill? Any suggestions for people in a similar circumstance as mine?
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2021.09.19 09:42 JoeRCollins1998 No time to watch this video.

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2021.09.19 09:42 GipotenuzaGrizz finished a heavy. named him Mikhail Kozlov

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2021.09.19 09:42 felix_ardyan you cannot hit the carrier in the test map with maverick missile

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2021.09.19 09:42 jennova Cake day post ♡

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2021.09.19 09:42 OyunKing303 Discord_irl

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2021.09.19 09:42 bpontattilabacsi2 -er -ar och -, eller hur?

One should not expect airtight logic when it comes to grammatical rules, I know. But when I tried to get a firmer grasp on how to make the plural form of a noun i Swedish I ran across a small group of words, that behave seemingly a bit odd despite being rather similar in pronunciation
1) en katt and en skatt become katter and skatter;
2) en natt becomes nätter;
3) en hatt, en ratt and en platt become hattar, rattar and plattar;
4) ett gatt (like in Kattegatt) remains gatt in plural form.
Is there any explanation for that?
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2021.09.19 09:42 Scientist-Local Tilray (Cannabis Legalization) DD (TLRY)

 Tilray cultivates and sells cannabis in Canada and exports into the global medical market. It also sells CBD products in the U.S. The company is the result of legacy Aphria acquiring legacy Tilray in a reverse merger and renaming itself Tilray in 2021. Canada legalized recreational cannabis in October 2018. Since then, recreational sales have come to represent an increasingly larger portion of sales for producers. Historically, legacy Aphria focused initially on flower and vape before expanding into edibles. In contrast, legacy Tilray focused on an asset-light, consumer- focused business model. Although the two strategies complement each other well, Tilray faces stiff competition to develop consumer brands that can lead to meaningful pricing power. Legacy Aphria had an extensive international distribution business, which generated the majority of its net revenue, a far larger portion than many of its Canadian cannabis peers. Legacy Tilray had also entered the global medical market. With both companies' international capabilities intact, Tilray looks well positioned. The global market looks lucrative given higher realized prices and growing acceptance of the medical benefits of cannabis. Exporters must pass strict regulations to enter markets, which protects early entrants. We forecast roughly 15% average annual growth through 2030 for the global medicinal market excluding Canada and the U.S. In 2020, legacy Aphria acquired SweetWater, a U.S. craft brewery. Legacy Tilray previously acquired Manitoba Harvest to distribute CBD products in the U.S. It finally secured a toehold into U.S. THC when it acquired some of MedMen's outstanding convertible notes. Upon U.S. federal legalization, Tilray would own 21% of the U.S. multistate operator. Furthermore, Tilray paid a great price while also getting downside protection as a debtholder. We think the U.S. offers the fastest growth of any market globally. However, the regulatory environment is murky with individual states legalizing cannabis while it remains illegal federally. We expect federal law will eventually be changed to allow states to choose the legality of cannabis within their borders. 
“Tilray Stock Could Shoot 40% Higher, Says Wall Street
Wall Street’s consensus on TLRY suggests that shares of the cannabis company have sizable upside potential. Wall Street Memes looks at the bullish case on Tilray stock.”
[The Street]
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2021.09.19 09:42 FlamingEggrolls Just realized half of my newly built pumpkin farm is off center by a block

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2021.09.19 09:42 Vpk-75 Dont care if you're a believer or not...drop it already

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