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Raging the homies 1/1 Swiss perc 16 hole !!🔥🤯🔥

16 Päeva Jeffy Diamond 03fe87d1-f914-43c8-8db6-d3a70f9413fc Beach Tatsuki Kobayashi Mayumi Ueno,Tatsuki Kobayashi 03fee098-4ab6-40d5-ba5f-c8271a8e6d9d HIKARUNOATORIE Freeman Études, Books 1 & 2: No. 1, — Irvine Arditti 04004325-e373-42ae-bad7-cc8a409402e6. Go Back Dynamic,Melicia 0400d60c-ab73-46c8-be8b-73b08fb303fd Goa Crops Records

2021.10.26 14:51 emeraldcoastlungs Raging the homies 1/1 Swiss perc 16 hole !!🔥🤯🔥

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2021.10.26 14:51 bischtoeftershier I just got randomlz perma banned on Fifa 22

Well i just got the notification Ingame. It says its because i cheated but i have never done that. The ban doesnt even show up on my EA Account so i dont know what to do now. I have been giving free wins on fut champs after getting my 8 Wins. Could that be the reason for it?
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2021.10.26 14:51 SnowSnooz UK govt wants consumers to pay up front for new nuclear plants

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2021.10.26 14:51 _above_the_fold Cleopatra Halloween Makeup Tutorial

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2021.10.26 14:51 TheAsteroid 4K stream appreciation post

Can finally have it up on the TV for the full event experience. And it's soo much clearer. Tournaments HUDs always look blurred on 1080.
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2021.10.26 14:51 Obi_1_Kenobi_ Welcome to The Dojo, a community of 560+ people where you can make friends and vibe! A gaming, anime and art focused community with the main goal of bringing people together • 24/7 Music • Active and so much more

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2021.10.26 14:51 PatienceOk3159 Aside from Long Street, any dodgy parts of the City Bowl to look out for?

Visiting in late January and plan on walking and using Uber. I’m fairly street smart and am familiar with a lot of the dicier US cities and I have lived in Chicago and San Francisco most my life. I’ve only gotten attempted mugged once when I let my guard down (in a different Us city)
I’m a male and fairly fit although only average height and I’ll be dressing very casually without designer clothes.
If I want to go out at night, where should I stick to and which parts of the city bowl should I be a little cautious about.
An acquaintance of mine said that Woodstock where she lived for a minute can get a little dicey and she was robbed I believe twice at knife point and once at gun point in two years. These were all in broad daylight
Conversely, I have a friend in San Francisco who has been mugged two times in seven years. And pick pocketed two more times.
As well as various other friends who had brushes with crime, although only one acquaintance of mine was ever murdered.
What precautions would you advise? I plan to do lions head with the moonlight hike tour by group
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2021.10.26 14:51 WerewolfOverlord The Old Covenant: Earth 999 Season 5 Episode 19

African Airspace, 2023:
Twas less than a week before Halloween, but this matter was crucial to the conflict. A taskforce comprised of UNSC, Collective, and Hellish troops engaged a large scale aerial battle over the African Coast against a large fleet of Covenant ships. Banshee's and MiG's duked it out, shooting each other down. Onboard a Covenant capital ship, Ashlyn, Verosika, Zoe, and three dozen 501st clones engaged a security detail, attempting to capture a High Prophet, one of the rulers of the Covenant. Ashlyn and co stormed the ship, gunning down dozens of Sangheili and Kig-Yar. The bridge doors were blown open, the heroes bursting in. Resistance was small, as the only Covenant troops in the room that weren't dead were simple navigation crew. Zoe looked around, sighing in annoyance at the sight of their target, the corpse in fact. She looked around, glancing at dead Honor Guards and slain Commandos, asking," What the fuck happened?... " Ashlyn replied," These wounds are from a Sangheili energy sword, so the prophet was killed by one of their own. This makes no sense! Why would a Sangheili do this!? Are we dealing with a power hungry psycho?!" A sangheili warrior appears and blows a hole in the wall, trying to kill the heroes. Ashlyn turns around and shoots the elite in the neck, killing him.
In the hangar, three clones stood guard, managing the surrendering crew and seeing them out via shuttles. One clone noticed a blinking light, and in a flash, shot his brothers dead. A group of Mandalorians and elites walked out, guarding a handcuffed Zealot. The clone called for a shuttle, which arrived. The group boarded the craft and placed their asset into the most secure compartment. The clone piloted the vehicle out and called for two ships to follow them. A human mercenary sat in the cargo hold, glaring down at a nervous Sangheili. The elite asked," What happens now?" A Mandalorian replied," That's not your concern... " before shooting the elite in the head.
"How much for these two fruits?" The elite asked. The vendor replied," 3 dollars, you've been a good customer for a year, Rala." Rala nods and hands the vendor his money before taking the fruit. The Sangheili wore navy blue commander armor, but no one really cared if a 7 foot monster stood around, to them, he was just a shy fellow. As he walked, Rala looked around, his training and skills put to use, trying to spot potential ruffians. In case of trouble, Rala kept a Plasma Rifle strapped to his thigh. For a year, Rala hid among the sands of Egypt, as he was a former Collective liaison to the Covenant. He didn't bother anyone, but he wondered if it was really their disinterest in him, or primal fear of seeing a Sangheili. Whatever the reason was, Rala hadn't killed a person in 9 months, not since a mugger attempted to rob a woman on the street. Through a bit of intellectual conversation, quick thinking, and probably a lack of interest by the other party, Rala was allowed to walk free. During this period, Rala created a makeshift lair inside an old palace. Many locals saw the Sangheili as a brave, yet shy creature who'd rather stay inside a haunted palace, as compared to living in a homeless shelter. Rala turned on his tablet and watched YouTube, only to hear a creaking sound. Annoyed, he grabs his shotgun and walks out. Rala comes face to face with a man aiming a gun at him. Rala lowered his gun, saying," Who the fuck are you?" The man says," A friend, don't worry, I'm not here to kill you." Rala finds the man strangely attractive, and says," You know, I know quite a bit about you, all except your name, Mister..?" The man replies, " Bond, James Bond. I've never encountered a make like you. Shall we, wow this feels almost wrong, entertain ourselves? " Rala stammers for a second, stating," I know you're used to girls, but I've been lacking in romance for years. Might as well kill two birds with one stone." Bond replies," I mean if you want, we can, however I'm not used to this." Rala shows Bond his surprisingly luxurious bed. The pair begin making out, Bond confused, and yet, still willing to make love to this creature. Rala says," Mister Bond, you've practiced, haven't you..." Bond replies, " Constantly. "
Mallory blurts out," 007, what the fuck is that...?" Bond replies," This is Rala Latamai." M groans and says," Oh, you brought a goddamn asset into HQ... " Rala smirks and says," Nice to see that the British Secret Service is still as good as the old days. " M says," What was the point, Bond? Is he a target? An asset?" Bond replies, " Well, sir. Several strange events occurred near the North part of Africa. One of our operatives found his name listed on a hit list, so I'm keeping an eye on him." M replies," I know who's been hiring killers and mercenaries. The criminal underworld calls him The Didact's Hand. We don't know his real name, but he's a Sangheili warlord." Bond replies," Jul M'Dama? Isn't he wanted for the Turkish ambassador murder?" M says," Are you saying that Jul M'Dama is after an informant? " Bond replies, " Yes, sir. However we have his location, Greece. " M says, " Then get on it. Oh, and make sure you find out if he's involved in art smuggling, we've got reports of M'Dama having an interest in art."
Bond and Rala arrive in Athens, driving in an Aston Martin. Rala takes a swig of whiskey, stating, " Alright, Bond, what happened in Egypt stays in Egypt. " Bond pulls into the casino lot and says," We'll talk about that later. Right now, we have to find Jul M'Dama. " Rala agrees and walks inside the building. Rala then places an earpiece in Bond's ear, walking away. Bond says," You look good, Rala, I'd never expected a Sangheili to wear a dab of makeup. It makes you look quite nice." Rala replies," You don't look half bad in that suit, either. Also, I was raised around 4 sisters, and in my culture, men wear more makeup than the girls." Bond says," Did you see the excess of Covenant mercenaries in here?" Rala replies," Yeah, these guys probably are on to us." Bond says," I've spotted him, give me second." Rala says," Want me to assist?" Bond says," Yes. I'm sure having an attractive partner will add to the cover." The pair approach the table, with Rala leaning on a pillar. Bond sits down, glaring at a trio of Sangheili. Rala notices the Sangheili and says," The prick in the middle is obviously M'Dama. The brown one is Sivo Kutanee, the insane one. The silver one is Faro Rofam, a brutish monster. The only problem is that Kutanee and Rofam are part of a trio. The third one's probably hiding around here." Bond replies," If he shows up, tell me." Bond then says to Jul, " Well, hello. I do hope you can spare a set of cards." Jul replies," Of course... Rofam, take a drink break and hand over your cards to him." Rofam grunts and says," Alright... But make sure I get my share." Jul lights a cigarette and says," I hope you can play cards well, Mister?" Bond replies smoothly, " Bond, James Bond." A bit later, and Bond sits with 3000 dollars, stating, " It looks like I cleaned you out." Bond hears heavy breathing behind him, then getting spooked by a large arm slamming down on the table. Bond turns to face a slightly larger sangheili in purple armor, who says," Such a strange coincidence that you won, eh, Mr. Bond?" Bond quips," And you are?" The elite replies," N'Thare Vasov... " Jul scoffs and says," Vasov! Give the man some air!" Vasov glares at Jul before stepping back, menacingly stating," I'll deal with you later, Jul..." Jul flips N'Thare off before saying," I apologize Mister Bond, for his rudeness and the fact I have to leave." Bond replies," No worries, I have to go also." Bond meets up with Rala and says," We need to leave, they're working for someone I know to well." Jul says to his men," Task a crew. Blofeld will surely want his head for his mantle." Bond overhears this and rushes out, as SPECTRE agents watch him. Bond reaches his car when a SPECTRE agent aims a rifle at him. Rala takes him out with a neck snap, stating," You wanna stand around and wait to get shot?!" Bond says," Well, we need to follow Jul, so I placed a bug on his escort. We're off to New Orleans."
New Orleans:
Bond and Rala catch a taxi and take a ride. The spy asks," Do you want to make some extra money?" to the driver. The driver responds, " Sure, what do ya wanna know?" Bond replies," You've ever heard of Baron Samedi?" The driver pauses for a moment, before responding, " Yeah, I've heard of him. The guy's a local celebrity. " Bond pats the driver before handing him 20 dollars. The pair get out, with the driver radioing in, " Yo, Kutanee, that honkey you mentioned showed up. You want him dead?" Kutanee replies," Take the fucker out, do it cleanly... " Several cars full of hitmen and gangsters patrol the area, watching Bond and Rala. Rofam also the pair, ordering several SPECTRE agents to follow. Bond notices a trio of killers in an alleyway, whispering, " Get your gun ready... " Bond draws his Walther PPK and fires at the killers, killing two of them, before grabbing Rala and rushing off. A mercenary climbs into view and swings at Rala, who stabs the female merc with her own knife. A gunman appears and fires at Bond. Rala grabs a dropped gun and shoots the gunman dead, before grabbing Bond and shooting another mercenary. Bond shoots a werewolf goon dead, having the body fall off a balcony. Faro screams into the radio, " What is wrong with you people?! Can't you kill a man!?" The pair continue walking down the sidewalk, glancing at empty apartments and old cars. The henchmen back off, shocked that their best couldn't stop Bond. Bond and Rala meet up with Xeno and Sywn, who are held up inside a wrecked steamboat. They walk onboard, Bond saying," Xeno, what are you doing in the swamp?" Nora and Freddy the Jackal pilot the ship, Xeno lounging in an old saloon. He says," The good people in the CIA bought us this so we can monitor the Covenant. There's been Phantom's and Banshee's flying in and out for weeks. Shit's messed up right now, people are afraid... I can't blame 'em though, what with the zombies and all." Rala nervously chuckles and says," Zombies aren't real, right? There aren't zombies in the swamp, right?" Xeno drinks a shot of whiskey, replying, " Oh, my feminine fellow, you mean to say you don't know the stories? The exploits of our dear friends Zoe and Ashlyn?" Rala shrugs and drinks a beer. Xeno smirks and says," A few years ago, the lovely ladies went to this island, Moonscar Island. On the island, well, the locals said that 4 kids and a dog encountered a horde of Colonial era zombies, which were victims of werecats. The lesbian couple we know and love dealt with werecats as well, but forgot to put the zombies to rest. Now they haunt the swamp area, somehow managing to get off the island." Bond places his hand on his forehead, stating coldly," I just want to know what we're dealing with." Xeno snickers and says cheerfully, " Sangheili, Kig-Yar, Unggoy, Mercenaries, Zombies. I'd suggest taking them out slowly and with stealth. If you want to stop SPECTRE, you need to lure them out." Bond replies with a quip," This isn't a difficult task."
Swampish Land:
Smoke blows around a SPECTRE agent, who puts a cigarette out with his boot. The wind howls in the area, winding through the trees and branches. The area is an amalgamation of old ships, which clearly shows, scrap metal being welded as armor, an old strip of an aircraft carrier serving the same purpose, that of a landing pad. The control area looks like a child put random parts together with glue, colors not matching and shattered windows. Jul rests his leg on a couch, assembled from gator skin, as he snorts a line of cocaine, explaining to N'Thare, " When you've seen what I've seen, N'Thare, you'd appropriate a dab of crack. It's like a pain being relieved, no, reversed. The feeling of this stuff reminds me the Brutes... The way they ascend to another plane of existence when enraged, that exact feeling, is something that I crave more than money, more than power. It's as if my core being is fueled by this shit..." N'Thare scoffs, saying," Let me deal with Bond. I have a way to turn his death into a weapon." Jul replied, " Alright, but keep Rala alive."
Aboard the steamboat, several SPECTRE mercenaries hold the heroes at gunpoint. Bond is taken to another boat, this one a Civil War Dreadnought. Bond wakes up, realizing his hands are tied to a chair. He looks around, glaring at several Elites and Mercenaries. N'Thare arrives, eerily walking towards Bond, gripping a prod. Vasov says," Wow... James Bond, Britain's top man, the main target of SPECTRE... Pfft!! You're nothing! " Bond replies," It's not very original to tie your enemy to a wooden chair." N'Thare glares at Bond, marching towards the spy and saying," I could kill all of SPECTRE, and not feel a thing. Those narrow sighted people, those oblivious fools... I still remember my first kill, to this day... It was in Syria, I was stationed as a rifleman. One night, 7 enemies crept into the camp, taking knives and slitting my squad open, all as they slept. When they reached my tent, my partner woke up, only to be strangled by this girl. She couldn't have been more than 14 or 15, but the way she strangled my mate, as I sat tied up, she wasn't a sane person. When she turned to face me, I slashed her in the face... The pair of boys watching me quickly became impaled with tools. In the moment, the surviving squad members had tied up that girl. She cried that the men were going to hurt her. In the moment, I felt like she and I were connected. They placed her on the ground, ready to sacrifice her. I knew that whatever that army would've given me wasn't worth watching that girl be turned into a sex slave. I gave up a future and shot the man about to hurt her. The others weren't any easier to kill. After the last man fell, I untied the girl and told her to run. What happened after this changed my outlook. She said the men were looking for her, intent on selling her for money, and they were members of SPECTRE. After that, I joined SPECTRE, intent on giving this girl a life. When I found the man who sent us out there, I killed him. Blofeld knew that he was a monster, so he didn't kill me. That girl became a daughter of mine, but I knew that people like her shouldn't be allowed out in this world with monsters. I found comfort in the fact that she's the same race as me. So now I kill people to allow the best for my Vixen. You, James Bond, are a threat to my, no, SPECTRE's new world, you, the CIA, Mi6, all need to die..." Bond replies," Shame, I thought you would've been aware that Xeno and Sywn already escaped and are heading here right now." N'Thare stumbles back and grabs a Sangheili in a skirt, who was holding a shotgun. Nora appeared and kicked N'Thare in the face, grabbing the girl. Xeno frees Bond and hands him a gun. Bond shoots a Sangheili, while Nora throws another into the furnace. The heroes escape the craft, Sywn dislodging the Dreadnought from the Steamboat.
Xeno cheers like a madman, before turning to stare at the girl, who is glaring down at the water. Sywn asks," What are we gonna do with her? She's fuckin' mute, works for Vasov, and doesn't look to be anywhere near sane!" Vixen, the Sangheili girl, screeches at a bird, rushing towards it like a rabid animal. Bond grabs Rala and pulls him out of the way, before aiming at Vixen and saying, " I don't want to hurt you, but you have to behave. " Vixen, clearly confused, crouches down and appears to fall asleep. Bond, confused, slowly approaches the young Sangheili, who is now clearly asleep, like a bat if it were pointed upwards. Bond nudges Vixen, who doesn't respond, instead cooing like a baby animal. Xeno says," Great, the brat's asleep... We should throw her overboard. " Bond picks Vixen up, and carries her to the cargo hold, binding her hands and placing her on the ground softly. In the morning, Bond wakes up, groaning and rolling over to see Vixen, fast asleep next to Bond's bed, hands untied. Rala says," Ok, that's kinda cute, seeing her like that." Vixen wakes up, glaring out the window at the trees. Bond sneaks out, finding Xeno in the kitchen. "We should feed that girl, she's not even attacking us." The spy said. Xeno, annoyed, replied," I don't care... She's a SPECTRE agent. She's gonna kill us." The doors creaks open, wit a scurrying sound running past the pair. Bond says," She would've found this place anyway, Xeno. I'll bet she's hungry. Aren't you, Vixen?" The girl popped up and clawed a piece of meat from the counter, running off and slamming the door to a cabinet after crawling inside. Xeno scoffs," Get the hell outta my sister's shit!" From inside the cabinet, could be heard the sounds of something being consumed, as if by a predator. The next sound was more concerning, as it was the sound of a gun being cocked. Bond realized his Walther was missing, then that Vixen must have it. Xeno turned quiet, saying," She's not gonna use it on us, James. She's gonna use it on herself..." Bond then hears soft crying in the cabinet, the prelude to suicide, which he knew all to well. Xeno walked up and said closely, " Don't let her become like Vesper, she doesn't have to die..." Bond rushed over, pulling the door open and grabbing Vixen from the cabinet. The girl softly wept, reaching for anything. Bond realized why she only now tried offing herself, it was him, he gave her hope, hope for a better life, something that Vasov couldn't give. Bond said with a hint of pain in his voice, " I know what's it's like to loose someone... You feel like everything around you is evil and out to get you... I know because I lost someone close to me, a girl..." Vixen stopped trying to grab at things, instead rubbing Bond's arm.
Bond would be called back to London, taking Rala and Vixen along with. The spy would be sent on a new mission, accompanied by the pair.
To Be Continued...
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2021.10.26 14:51 snosrap114 How can I save my dads plant ?! Please help :(

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2021.10.26 14:51 Unfuquitable1 Proud of you 🐸’s. Biting through nails to keep it above 4. Don’t give up. Get 💵

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2021.10.26 14:51 Woolflour Is there a budget iem that has very good detail retrieval but also warm sounding/non fatiguing?

Sorry noob question. I have bl03s and wondering if there others taht has its tonality but also has great clarity/details
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2021.10.26 14:51 Icy-Thanks-3170 CareSense BGM

Is any one familiar with this brand? Made by company called I-Sense
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2021.10.26 14:51 SHIB_army12 Im waiting for a drop then gonna buy more! 🚀

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2021.10.26 14:51 Remote-Substance-193 *9 years experience* General Readings, Love Readings, Finance Readings. What is your crisis? Let's solve it together 😌

As the Title suggests, I have 9 years in this, I'm rather "advanced" and give extremely thorough readings, we don't stop until you get whatever it is you might be looking for. I decided to quit my job, complete leap of faith, and let the Karma of the Universe take care of me 😌 Help me solve with my "Earthly Matters" and I will help you with yours 🙏
Spread Love and Love the Love 😌
Reviews Reviews 2
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2021.10.26 14:51 Grown_wolf This is how you learn. Adapt overcome.

This isn’t just a new NFT this is a new way to defi. This is a new way to become an owner. Watch the video, visit the websites, join the discord. https://youtu.be/mvo0iJI2vmc https://www.syncbond.com https://syncronauts.io https://discord.gg/sync
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2021.10.26 14:51 1stbeardedprince Real or fake killed us today

Just for agreement sake
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2021.10.26 14:51 PogChampUWU Are we getting the music pack this year?

This event was already really disappointing with only 1 week of shadow royale, they aren't gonna disappoint us further right? right?
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