Kitty is so pretty! 😻

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2021.10.17 18:09 narviat Kitty is so pretty! 😻

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2021.10.17 18:09 iedaraphael Looking for NSO + Expansion Pack family members

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2021.10.17 18:09 HatSufficient4709 Nightmare Goth Noelle.

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2021.10.17 18:09 Haker3R Okay I'm dying of cringe and how can 590 people find it funny?

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2021.10.17 18:09 Funkyra Crafting question

Do i really need to complete every crafting quest in every character i have or completing them in only one character is enough? If not why?
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2021.10.17 18:09 3p1c_R3d1t_k1d_69 anyone know what could be happening? it hapened a few times now with a bunch of diferent songs on many different days.

anyone know what could be happening? it hapened a few times now with a bunch of diferent songs on many different days. submitted by 3p1c_R3d1t_k1d_69 to Reaper [link] [comments]

2021.10.17 18:09 betezo Took this one on a hike today (W800H)

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2021.10.17 18:09 jh17_ FYI Tigatron is available now in Canada!

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2021.10.17 18:09 jacleric Football Season Is Over by /u/ApexRedditor97

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2021.10.17 18:09 mainst debounce/throttle in Vue

I am converting my jquery/vanilla javascript app to Vue and was wondering what's the best(cleanest) way to do the following in Vue :

 $('body').on('mouseover', '.setSymbol', function() { 
let x = $(this).data('symbol'); setTimeoutConst = setTimeout( function() { loadNewGraph(x); }, 500 );}) .on('mouseout', '.setSymbol', function() { clearTimeout(setTimeoutConst); });
Right now I have every child component emit an event on mouseover and mouseleave. They both call methods in the parent. One starts the timer and an other method clears it. It works but requires a lot of code. Is there a simpler way?
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2021.10.17 18:09 Crash707 Enemy drops item script

Currently trying to make my enemy drop an item after its dies. Im using a timer so before the enemy quefree it should add the item. How ever im having issues with the add_child. I dont know if add_child is the correct way to spawn a item using a timer. I dont know if on timer timed out i should do get_parent then add child to spawn the item heres the script a little help would be nice :D

extends KinematicBody2D

var motion = Vector2.ZERO
var player1 = null
var speed = 40
signal enemy_dead2
var coin2= preload("res://coin2.tscn")

func _physics_process(delta):

motion = [Vector2.ZERO](https://Vector2.ZERO) if player1: motion = position.direction\_to(player1.position) \* speed motion = move\_and\_slide(motion) 

func _on_top_checker_body_entered(body):
$[]("flat") speed = 0 emit\_signal("enemy\_dead2") set\_collision\_layer\_bit(6,false) set\_collision\_mask\_bit(0,false) $top\_checker.set\_collision\_layer\_bit(6,false) $top\_checker.set\_collision\_mask\_bit(0,false) $side\_checker.set\_collision\_layer\_bit(6,false) $side\_checker.set\_collision\_mask\_bit(0,false) $Timer.start() $Timer2.start() body.bounce() 

func _on_Timer_timeout():

func _on_side_checker_body_entered(body):
if body.has\_method("hurt"): body.hurt() if body.has\_method("TakeDamage"): body.TakeDamage() 

func _on_fallow_area_body_entered(body):
player1 = body 

func _on_fallow_area_body_exited(body):
player1 = null 

func _on_Timer2_timeout():
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2021.10.17 18:09 Tamale-Talks Anyone know where to get pokemon cards?

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2021.10.17 18:09 AverageJoePlays This game is so much fun

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2021.10.17 18:09 Niek_DS A lot of people seem to like this video so I thought its cool to share it with you guys!

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2021.10.17 18:09 GameNerd90 Wait a second…

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2021.10.17 18:09 RedStaggLive Running Chaos Sanctuary? Dont forget about seal popping for more drops!!

If you are running diablo with teleport, and want to improve your drops, do this!
Method summary: 1. Activate 4 seals while killing all 3 seal bosses

  1. Quickly teleport through the chaos sanctuary to "activate" packs for getting their loot
  2. Once activated get to the last seal as fast as possible and click it to kill all monsters
The activated monsters will now drop loot, instead of usually not, giving you time to check out the drops while diablo takes his sweet ass time to spawn.
I have found my only HR's and a bunch of extra items from doing this, and it's a super engaging way to farm diablo with maximum efficiency in terms of number of monsters killed in a time period.
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2021.10.17 18:09 whiteout_48 Bugatti pur sport (1800×4000)

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2021.10.17 18:09 Appropriate-Card1630 Lol

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2021.10.17 18:09 moidhater confession: i sometimes wake up at midnight and post weird shit on reddit then wondering if someone hacked my acc bc i don't remember posting weird shit

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2021.10.17 18:09 prolific_hands [Hire Me] CALCULUS 1, 2, 3, STATISTICS, ACCOUNTING & FINANCE HELPER. For quicker response: Discord - Prolific#8953 Email -

I am a Math, Accounting, and Finance expert capable of getting you high grades in my areas of expertise.
My areas of expertise are -

Just reach out to me on chat, discord, or email if you care to discuss how to achieve your academic goals with me.
Email - [](
Discord - Prolific#8953
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2021.10.17 18:09 diddojo So majestic

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2021.10.17 18:09 Brandonjr36 Can I bet on games on draftkings in Missouri?

Hey guys I'm trying to figure out how to bet on nfl games online. But not sure if it's even legal in Missouri. Thanks
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2021.10.17 18:08 Ameri-Kano John Frusciante on Flea’s birthday jam - October 16, 2021
Thanks to whoever recorded this video and JF effects who posted it on his youtube channel , we have this incredible jam!!!
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2021.10.17 18:08 E-GoCrush Material Ghoul

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2021.10.17 18:08 Squanchy187 sanity check on upcoming 4 panel urine test for employment

Sooo…long story short, got an awesome offer on Friday, didn’t have the chance to read through due to working my current job, went to a wedding, and hit a vape pen 2x that night. Read the offer on Saturday morning only to find a drug test clause.
My urine test is ~6-7 days away
I’m 5’10” 155-160 lb, BMI of ~22
Like I said, hit the vape shortly 2x that night
Haven’t smoked for >1 month before that
My plan is:
2x daily stationary bike workout in sweatshirt. Ceasing 48h before testing.
Daily multivitamin
Daily creatine monohydrate.
5 L water daily with gatorade on day of test
Will test myself 3x before my appointment using an amazon sourced 50 ng/mL urine test. I plan to use 2 strips at a time + a third for negative control (filtered water) to help avoid any false results. Backup plan if routinely testing positive is to miss test and beg for a reschedule or proactively tell them I will miss it.
Will be testing as late in the day on Fri as possible, likely after having 4-5 L of wategatorade.
Anything I’m missing? What’s the probability of success here?
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