Does MYCAREER diffcuilty affect badge xp this year?

2021.10.26 15:47 Impossible_Head557 Does MYCAREER diffcuilty affect badge xp this year?

When grinding badges this year in nba2k22 next gen. Does HOF difficulty still give you bonus badge xp like it did in the past 2ks.
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2021.10.26 15:47 Alexander0k Sec+ questions on exam

Does Sec+ also have a lot of troubleshooting questions like the Net+ did? I felt Net+ was super hard due to there being so many correct answers but only one ''best answer''. I felt Net+ was designed for people to fail in order for CompTIA to rake in exam fees.

How did you find Sec+ compared to Net+?

Also not gonna lie, Sec+ is about 70% more interesting than Net+ was.
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2021.10.26 15:47 lyannaqolab Kinsey and Gabe | Exile

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2021.10.26 15:47 ThunderHusky313 Does my tower look like a dick?

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2021.10.26 15:47 artbyash Bollywood stars Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal to get married by December

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2021.10.26 15:47 Remarkable-Explorer5 Coinmine One won’t turn on. Any advice to tear down for parts or use to build my own rig?

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2021.10.26 15:47 Zestyclose_Tailor_37 Found these in a sheep field in Scotland a couple hours ago, can anyone confirm if these are libs or not? Cheers.

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2021.10.26 15:47 Eshaqlol Trading Neon snow owl for 7 pheonix

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2021.10.26 15:47 Quagz504 Lag help?

My New World is really laggy lately? I updated all my drivers but it lags still with audio in and out, any solutions? What I've looked up online hasn't helped.
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2021.10.26 15:47 vchaz 2013 gets 43 miles per charge?

Found a used leaf at an okay price, $5k but the guy claims 42 Mile's per charge. Is that realistic real world or something could be wrong with the cabattery ? I don't mind that range as long as it doesn't drop significantly for several years. Only 2 "red bars" on The dash battery gauge.
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2021.10.26 15:47 iliketoclimbthings Meritain via Aetna Charging For First Prenatal Appt

Hi All! Hoping to get some insight of if I can fight this. I was charged approximately $1000 for my first prenatal visit (ultrasound, labs, office visit). After calling insurance they state that this is considered a "Well Visit" but that any subsequent appointments will be covered (other than birth). Below are two different sections of my insurance plan. This is just really frustrating due to calling initially and asking plan details and they stated that prenatal is covered. Well apparently the first visit isn't considered prenatal. Is there anything I can do?
Maternity: Expenses Incurred by all Covered Persons for: (a) Pregnancy. (b) Preventive prenatal and breastfeeding support as identified under the preventive services section below. (c) Services provided by a Birthing Center. (d) Amniocentesis testing when Medically Necessary. (e) Up to 2 ultrasounds per pregnancy (more than 2 only when it is determined to be Medically Necessary).
Preventative Care: With respect to women, such additional preventive care and screenings, not otherwise addressed by the Task Force, as provided for in comprehensive guidelines supported by the Health Resources and Services Administration and published on August 1, 2011 (or any applicable subsequent guidelines or guidance requiring any additional women’s preventive services). Those guidelines generally include the following: (A) Well-woman visits. Well-woman preventive care visits annually for adult women to obtain the recommended preventive services that are age and developmentally appropriate, including preconception and prenatal care. The inclusion of a well-woman visit is not meant to limit the coverage for any other preventive service described elsewhere in this Plan document that might be administered as part of the well-woman visit. Coverage for prenatal care is limited to pregnancy-related Physician office visits including the initial and subsequent history and physical exams of the pregnant woman. In the event a provider bills a “maternity global rate”, the portion of the claim that will be considered for prenatal visits and therefore, preventive care, is 40% of the “maternity global rate”. As a result, 60% of the “maternity global rate” will be considered for delivery and postnatal care and the normal cost-sharing provisions would apply. Items not considered preventive (and therefore subject to normal cost-sharing provisions) include Inpatient admissions, high risk specialist units, ultrasounds, amniocentesis, fetal stress tests, delivery including anesthesia and certain pregnancy diagnostic lab tests.
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2021.10.26 15:47 AJ6T9 POV: u want Pepsi

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2021.10.26 15:47 Grand_Discipline903 Chie Is The Queen Of Damage

Chie can get a 20K TOD WITHOUT Power Charge(214BC) or Counter Hit. For 16K to 18K characters you'll need LV3 res,for 20K,LV4 . It's also corner only.
RES 236C, J.236C ,J.236B, J214BC Super Jump, Double Jump J.236C,J.236B J.214BC Super Jump,Double Jump j.236C, J.236B,J.214BC
Fun Fact: If your playing as chie and the opponent burst, you can do 214B/C the backwards movement chie does will make you dodge the burst. I need to test it on more charaters and when I do I'll update this post. So far the only characters it works on is chie herself
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2021.10.26 15:47 Rhodochrosite_Love Rhodochrosite 🥰 The stone I love the most! 💗

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2021.10.26 15:47 Throot2Shill Technology purported as foolproof certificate of authenticity for preserving the value of digital art needs additional support by art platforms to prove that authenticity.

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2021.10.26 15:47 Proud_Asparagus1934 Member when everyone said Dune would flop? (I did too and I’m so happy I’m wrong)

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2021.10.26 15:47 parsonsparsons Why do recruiters always drop you after one role?

I have been working with recruiters for about a year now trying to get a higher paying job. Regardless of how far I make it, first round, multiple rounds, final round, verbal offer, the recruiter never talks to me again once the opportunity is closed. When first meeting them they always say "I have so many open roles" then after they submit me to one and it doesn't work out, I never hear from them again. Is there a reason for this?
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2021.10.26 15:47 VenuraRJ99 White Flower [Wathusudda] in Sri Lanka

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2021.10.26 15:47 RTDlove I hate this lineup. Where’s The Weeknd, Drake, Lil Uzi Vert, Kanye West, Frank Ocean, M.I.A., or Kid Cudi.

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2021.10.26 15:47 LieFun4432 I present to you what you all have been waiting for!!! CAT BOY SAWADA!!!!!

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2021.10.26 15:47 metukika my ordinary academia... my hero life... (mha x nichijou)

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2021.10.26 15:47 Sheno_Cl "Dudes on a map" videogames?

I love dudes on a map games, my favorites being Cry Havoc and Cyclades. Is there a videogame similar to any of those? I tried fire emblem and advance wars, but those are just skirmish/wargames.
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2021.10.26 15:47 JacksSquish Trade proof for turbobuna!

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2021.10.26 15:47 baby_trees Why do so many men feel entitled to both infinite sexual novelty & endless emotional nurturance from their wives & girlfriends?

People of all genders, sexual orientations, relationship statuses & preferences struggle with compulsive sexuality. There are many women, non-binary, &/or queer people struggling with intimacy avoidance & behavioral addictions, & there are complex cultural & neurobiological factors at play in each unique incidence of PA/SA. I don’t think biological sex attributes are determinative of behavior, that men are naturally a certain way, & women are another. Sexual compulsivity is by no means a “male” experience, cis-het women married to cis-het men are not the only group that experiences betrayal trauma. That being said! There may be many factors at play simultaneously, but there’s definitively something gendered going on here, which makes sense since sexuality & romantic desire exist in relationship to gender. I suspect most PA/SAs & partners experience compulsivity & its impacts through a gendered lens, & frankly I don’t think cis-het male PA/SAs can successfully navigate recovery without doing sincere self-inquiry about patriarchal ideals around gender, sex, & intimacy. There’s a reason that most /LAP posters are women attempting to salvage or recover from relationships with sexually compulsive men (I myself fit that description).
To that end, many of us are traumatized, lonely, & grieving because patriarchy conditions men to avoid intimacy through compulsive porn use & other objectifying forms of sexuality. I don’t think trauma histories rationalize or excuse harmful behavior, & male PA/SAs have to take accountability for their recovery, but both male PA/SAs & their female romantic partners are emotionally damaged by patriarchal masculinity.
Internet-based sexual compulsivity (spanning compulsive, dishonest, &/or predatory use of social media & dating apps for sexual gratification, interactive porn/cybersex, & an overreliance on the endless plethora of non-interactive content) offers no basis for genuine erotic connection through recognition & exploration of mutual humanity. In instances where PA/SAs are pursuing both online & IRL sexual acting out behaviors, addicts are not emotionally equipped to fully humanize their sexual fixations & partners regardless of whether it’s a digital or physical relationship. PA/SA warps addicts’ capacity to experience pleasure, connection & intimacy with others. In active addiction, other people are a means to an end. Patriarchal masculinity endorses the same emotionally limiting, damaging ideal.
Patriarchy socializes boys & men to prefer control, domination, & obsession over connection, tenderness, & emotional expressivity. Emotionally repressed boys become emotionally withholding men (/boyfriends/husbands/fathers). Patriarchal masculinity does not allow for the development of a healthy, non-predatory sexuality, in fact it perpetuates violent sexual fantasies & behaviors by allowing for the eroticization of domination. This type of thinking is so ubiquitous that even in non-cishet relationships, patriarchal tropes & dynamics emerge.
I do not think men are inherently bad or evil - on the contrary, I think patriarchy dehumanizes boys & men by socializing them to believe in the myth of total emotional self-reliance rather than networks of interdependence & mutual care. This is a form of denial that reimagines the innate human desire for emotional attunement as weakness (as inherently feminine), & encourages men to orient toward emotional detachment & withdrawal to avoid intimacy. From there, intimacy avoidance fuels relational dissatisfaction, mistreatment & abuse. Deprogramming from patriarchy involves deprogramming from both rape culture & compulsive sexuality by embracing the demands of truth-telling & vulnerable connection.
PA/SA behaviors have distinct overlap with patriarchal socialization, which again, systematically inhibits boys’ development through compulsory emotional repression. I suspect the cornerstones of both patriarchal masculinity & porn/sex addiction are: - a pervasive sense of inadequacy & rejection, typically informed by developmental trauma - an inability to tolerate discomfort, frustration, loneliness, & grief without self-soothing through compulsive self-stimulation - a sense of deprivation & entitlement to a constant supply of novelty, belief in one’s right to never be bored - a self-absorbed disconnection from past or future, only an infinite present without aging, death, or embodiment - denial & lack of imagination about the healing potential of sex - an intolerance for frustration & interpersonal negotiation (this can look like an inability to relate to both primary romantic partners & to objects of sexual desire as complex, unique, & fully human individuals) - a belief in both their specialness & the exceptional nature of their suffering, coupled with an inability to take accountability for overstepping boundaries & causing harm without spiraling into shame & self-pity - an expectation of being celebrated for doing the bare minimum, or even for saying the right things without engaging in any form of sustained behavioral modification
Here are common emotional schemas experienced by PA/SAs’ partners that align with systematic patriarchal harm toward women, drawn from my own experience & observations from what I’ve read here: - a sense of unworthiness, insufficiency, & unlovability that is informed by loneliness, grief, & emotional deprivation within the primary relationship - a compulsion to rationalize the PA/SA‘s behavior within the context of their trauma histories - this can manifest as difficulty setting limits, & a willingness to center compassion for partners’ emotional struggles in spite of ongoing mistreatment - willingness to accept crumbs/IOUs in exchange for performing intense emotional work for the betterment of a man, the salvation of an intimate relationship, & potentially the cohesion of a family unit - difficulty enforcing consequences for boundary infringement, pattern of enabling partner’s mistreatment & putting one’s own needs second until resentment builds & leads to an outburst, after which the relationship returns to its status quo
In examining the often heavily gendered dynamics of sexual compulsivity within intimate relationships, I realize how much my experience with my PA/SA ex was a direct confrontation with patriarchal masculinity. There was an empathy deficit at play: my partner felt entitled to protect himself from painful emotions, especially those that made him feel as if he wasn’t meeting my relational needs. He couldn’t tolerate seeing or sensing my feelings, & was propelled by vulnerability avoidance. He would lean on self-righteousness & anger if he felt like I was trying to make him feel bad about himself, all because he had an unmet childhood need for attuned emotional connection from caregivers (he had an emotionally abusive, patriarchal father), & felt ongoing shame about his longing to be understood. His entitlement to having what he wanted, when he wanted (the consolation prize for being a man in patriarchy) was originally modeled by his dad, then reinforced by social & cultural narratives around masculinity. The only meaningful leverage I had was leaving our relationship, which did seem to prompt his self-inquiry.
As every PA/SA partner knows, it feels bad to commit yourself to loving & understanding someone who occasionally displays warmth, care, & vulnerability, then disengages & undermines your connection every time they become bored (whenever their repressed loneliness & emptiness arises). My ex learned his pattern of entitlement & emotional manipulation from his dad. For my part, my ex’s tendency toward emotional withdrawal felt both familiar & intoxicating because it reminded me of my child self’s effort to seek affirmation from my emotionally unavailable, yet kind father.
None of us made up any of the defining concepts of patriarchy (i.e. men as avoidant, withholding, or violent, women as compliant, passive, or resentful), we inherited them & may unknowingly perpetuate or recreate them in our intimate relationships. Patriarchal norms create immense relational dysfunction & pain, yet many of us continue indulging its tropes over & over again, hoping they will finally produce a different result & magically relieve us of our childhood sense of inadequacy.
I no longer have any interest in pursuing a relationship with a man who is uninterested in deprogramming himself from patriarchy. I love to make my partners feel unique & special, but I can’t keep offering my warmth & affirmation to partners who refuse the responsibility of self-awareness. I want closeness & depth with an emotionally aware, present, & communicative partner. I want a reciprocal relationship based on mutual safety, trust, & respect, not my partner’s desire to emotionally numb himself & my desire to prove my worth. I want nurturance rather than exploitation. All of this to say, I want a non-patriarchal relationship.
I know my own childhood wounding & gender socialization led me to perpetually seek emotional approval from emotionally withholding men. I’m not fully there yet, but I am closer than ever to accepting that this formula simply doesn’t work. No one in the world can take away the pain of the rejection I’ve felt by offering me their romantic approval, just like no amount of sexual validation or stimuli can cure a PA/SA’s sense of inadequacy. I cannot save a man from his own emotional wounding by offering my unconditional love & acceptance. Attempting to achieve healing & redemption through an inherently patriarchal relationship dynamic is not what love is, it’s a form of self-rejection & self-harm.
This dichotomy is not inevitable or unhealable: I believe in people’s basic goodness, & that most of us are capable of self-awareness, accountability, & change. I believe that men can willingly deprogram themselves from patriarchy by getting in touch with their vulnerability, learning to recognize & care about the impacts of their behavior on women, & developing their capacity for emotional reciprocity in intimate relationships. We are all hardwired to desire connection & intimacy - we develop maladaptive behaviors to compensate for lacking those things in childhood, but we can unlearn our self-harming beliefs & transform our relationships.
That being said, self-inquiry & accountability work is lonely & difficult, & the rewards of healing come slower than the immediate gratification that many patriarchal men feel entitled to, esp. those experiencing PA/SA. The reward for male PA/SAs who commit to the hard work of deprogramming from patriarchy is regaining their capacity to access their emotions, which is the prerequisite for experiencing the unconditional affirmation & love that many PA/SAs seek unsuccessfully through sexual compulsivity. Learning how to experience vulnerability & empathy enables the development of consensual, pleasurable, satisfying, & healing sexual relationships. Control, dominance, numbness & cruelty is not love, & sex that stems from those origins will never bring liberation or fulfillment, only further wounding & compulsivity.
In intimate relationships affected by PA/SA, the cycle will perpetuate itself until one partner interrupts it by reclaiming their full humanity - this reclamation could mean the sexually compulsive partner fully committing to recovery, or their partner standing up for themselves by setting definitive boundaries, including leaving if nothing is changing. Healing from patriarchal wounding is about acknowledging we have the choice to disengage from its value system.
For men, esp. men experiencing PA/SA, healing from patriarchy may entail relearning how to access vulnerability & empathy for self & others. For women partnered with men experiencing PA/SA, healing may require us to disentangle our self-esteem from our partner’s incapacity to love, cherish & respect us. Each of us may face crossroads where we are forced to accept that life is painful no matter what, sometimes our choice is between remaining as we are & continuing to suffer, or suffering through our healing & transformation processes with the hope & belief that we are worthy of experiencing true joy, aliveness & connection, & the desire to model that self-affirmation for younger generations.
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2021.10.26 15:47 Shivers27 Spiritual guidance

I don’t know if this is ok with this subreddit, but I’ve been told by friends to share.
For 30+ years I’ve had psychic abilities,and I’ve been encouraged by my friends for years now to share my ‘gift’.
Particularly if you’re in Perth, I’m certain I can help you in a spiritual way. Please DM me and I’ll be happy for a reading
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