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Today’s vibes, or every time I use Facebook. 🙄

2021.10.26 15:40 Kffect Today’s vibes, or every time I use Facebook. 🙄

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2021.10.26 15:40 Ecr24 [H] Peacock, Tidal Family Slot, Spotify Family Slot, Disney Plus, Plex Lifetime [W] Willow TV

Hey guys, if anyone has a Willow TV slot going free happy to trade for Peacock/Disney Plus failing that I have Tidal and Spotify Family Slots. I also have a spare Plex Lifetime account if needed. These are legit personal accounts not hacked!
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2021.10.26 15:40 DangalfTheGray Stardew Valley Already Did It

In the same spirit as "Simpsons already did it", I unlocked a cut scene within the Maru friendship/romance path. It felt rather cathartic and highly relevant to the current labor movement we are seeing develop right now... (spoiler ahead)
Maru takes us into her secret basement to show off her current project: a talking robot! "You see," says Maru (I'm paraphrasing here), "when I finally move out, my robot can take over for me helping out my parents in the shop!"
"But Maru!" says the robot. "You gave me a self awareness module, and it turns out that I'm not interested in slavery! No, I think I would rather explore the galaxy instead."
(shoutout to antiwork)
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2021.10.26 15:40 Daguerreo86 Speculations about Gon's Mother

Disclaimer: this post is pure speculation, I'm not used to do this kind of post, please be gentle and respectfuls :)
In the past years I never cared much about the figure of mother of Gon. Initially I thought it was just a cute way to introduce Mito as the actual Gon's mother, since we didn't have a clue about Ging's psychology or what was involved in the HxH world.
Recently a few of questions came to my mind. The first is, knowing a little better Ging, who would be so insane to leave a child in his hands? The simple answer would be she is dead, se simply there wasn't any other option. It seems quite unrealistic to me. Ging told Mito he and Gon's mother simply broke up, but more important, what kind of woman she could be to make Ging be so attracted by her? Honestly I don't believe she could be weak nor free, so it's unlikely she could be dead, moreover if Ging was sticking around.
The second question is: what character she could have to be in love with Ging? And to leave her son with him? She should be mentally strong and stubborn to keep up with Ging. The conclusion I have come to is that she is a Hunter too, and at least insane as Ging himself.
So based on my theory what kind of reason she could have to leave both Ging and Gon?
Well, I guess she is already on the dark continent.
So why Ging couldn't just go along with her? I think it's about the rules. Ging explained that talking about Beyond. Ging agrees with Beyond idea of being free in an adventure, be then Ging says he choose to at least to "follow the rules" to go the dark continent. Beyond is following is own rules to go there. She could be the kind of person which do as she like, following her own rules. A disagreement about how they could reach the dark continent could be a valid reason they separated and why Gon was left with Ging.
Realistically we will never know the truth (damn Togashi!), but I had quite fun writing this post, I hope could be interesting for you too :D
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2021.10.26 15:40 thatmfdead Kann jemand reved,annitheduck, denise mski,shirin david, gina laitschek,yonca,cindy(cirizzle), Starletnova für mich spielen,gebe bilder zum benutzen (kik: Nikebagpack)

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2021.10.26 15:40 daysbeforechris I replied “they should’ve just complied lolol,” to her post about cops being fired for not getting vaccine and I got blocked 🤣 it makes me happy knowing I triggered her 🤣

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2021.10.26 15:40 Disco_Sucks_ Just rolled...umm. Justtowedintotheshop.

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2021.10.26 15:40 HeroVerseNFT 1 eoy

Thats it B)
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2021.10.26 15:40 dannylenwinn From WH: Remarks by President Biden on Build Back Better and Bipartisan Infrastructure - Build Back Better plan is going to cut childcare costs more than half for low- and middle-income, cut child poverty by 36 percent, expand pre-school program to three-year-olds all across America

From WH: Remarks by President Biden on Build Back Better and Bipartisan Infrastructure - Build Back Better plan is going to cut childcare costs more than half for low- and middle-income, cut child poverty by 36 percent, expand pre-school program to three-year-olds all across America submitted by dannylenwinn to WhiteHouse2020 [link] [comments]

2021.10.26 15:40 ultraSip901 DM's first game/session delayed 4 times, what should she do?

I'm not the DM in this game, my friend is. She's played online before and this is her first time running a game. It's all online and almost all homebrew. We have 4 players and since we all have different schedules, its hard to get times to line up. Session 1/0 has been cancelled 4 times now due to something coming up for one person, someone feeling unwell, someone needs to study for an exam, or people just not being online at the given time until hours later. We schedule the times a few days to a week in advance, each time everyone says they are available, and each time it has been cancelled. She is really nervous since it's her first time DMing and I told her it's easier once she starts, but since its been a month and a half since we scheduled the first time, shes only gotten more nervous.
She understandably doesn't want to cut someone out of the first session since its introducing everyone to each othe the world and important NPCs, but she is ok with having 1 person missing for all sessions after that. The three other players have never played/only played a little D&D before as well, so I'm the only experienced playeDM in the group. Everyone would need extra help, so it would be better to introduce everyone to things together.
Any suggestions on what she should do? Should she just bite the bullet and start the session with one missing player, or should we try to reschedule for the 5th time?
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2021.10.26 15:40 bambina34 Contra tattoo ideas

Just turned 18 and wanted to celebrate by getting a sick VW tattoo! If anyone has any ideas/designs for a small tattoo related to contra or anything else let me know!!
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2021.10.26 15:40 suzanek18 Me every time Dylan uploads a new vid

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2021.10.26 15:40 EasternCarry WCGW climbing an ice wall!

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2021.10.26 15:40 rosecherry222_ Why I feel that shaving makes my hair thick and dark in armpits? But science says its wrong! But waxing makes my hair thinner but the speed of growth is as similar as shaving. Please explain.

I have been shaving my armpits since 11 age(pre-adoloscent )till age 16. My underarm hairgrowth have become soo thick that normal waxes do not work for me ,I had to go for an advanced option. Please tell me , is this thick hairgrowth is the cause of shaving or something else. And I have pcos.
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2021.10.26 15:40 cheeseisnice9900 What should I choose between a good career growth, good boss or timely passion?

I've bad decision making skills and need good advice from sane people here.
So, I did my studies in computer science ( I don't know much coding/development but only have the degree). After trying for a year or so after the degree,

  1. I got a job in a nice organisation where boss and other staff is very helpful but it is not related to exactly my field of study. I do mostly design work here which is also nice because it is my timely-passion (i.e. I like doing it and is somehow good at it and do not feel burder while doing it). I'm doing this job from couple of months but felt desire for career growth is missing here. That means if I keep coming to office and doing the work, I will get money and the day I would be unable to come, the money will stop, leaving me with less-relevant skills to the field of my study. Please do note that I have physical limitations which limits opportunities for me in lot of organisations and I'm dependant on mobility.
  2. There is another job offer which is from another acquitance, which referred me to some organisation. To test the waters there, I lied to my present boss that I need a medical leave (in order to sit for the interviews and test the initial work parallel to org_A). That is do both jobs simulatenously for few days until I confirmly joined the new organisation org_B. But it didn't turned out this way. The other org org_B (which I was refered to) didn't took my interview for the whole month, despite reminders to them and later on, seeing no hope from org_B, I called my boss (from org_A) to tell him that I've recovered now and can join the office. My old boss is willing to take me in (though he is suspicious of my quick recovery but is willing to take me for office). I continued to work for the org_A during this entire month from home while waiting on the interview from org_B. After I made calls to my supervisor and boss that I'm planning to come back to office, suddenly out of nowhere the org_B called me in the night today (around 9:45pm, I submitted my resume there on 30th sept) wondering how did I apply to org_B (they didn't even know I was referred by someone known to their org). I disconnect the call saying I'm eating dinner now and to call me tomorrow.
I'm also preparing for some entrance exams along with the job/job hunting for which I need some study time. So, doing both jobs is not possible (though my old boss is very nice and will allow me to work-from-home and study for test or leave to give test as well). But I will feel guilty about it that I lied to my supervisor and boss about my medical problem and applied to other job which even at this point, I had no idea whether I will get or not OR if I will survive in it or not?
My question to you, the wise people here, is:
  1. Should I choose org_A, which has nice boss and organisation but less growth development-org culture is good, I get to take leave for medical/personal reasons easily. I can work on different things here- video editing, graphic design, social media but not development side. I never did development so don't know if I can do that or not. But if I can learn it on my own somehow, they will even allow me to do that BUT I'm not what will written on my experience letter in case I tend to leave the org as I'm doing multiple things here (basicaly jack of many trades).
  2. Should I choose org_B, which put me on hold for a whole month for interview (still pending), don't know about boss, culture or anything about it- Few benefits of Org_B is that Org_A is giving remote work (remember I've limited mobility). If I choose development AND was able to grasp it then I will not only can go with development but it will later open for doors for remote jobs for me (good career wise as I've limited mobility). But I have no idea about this new opportunity and I already called up my previous org (after waiting for interview for whole month) to re-join them in office and THEN the org_B suddenly called me inquirying my candidature? Will I be able to learn development AS A FRESHER in a work-from-home environment? All other employees from org_B are working in office, I will be the only one working from home if they allow.
My boss from org_A has openly asked me whether I'm looking for other opportunity and even if I'm, he will not be mad at me but I lied and told him that I need medical leave. I know I'm a bad person to lie to my boss and I feel guilty/ashamed about it But I was afraid that if I say yes and is unable to get in org_B then I may also be fired from org_A, as recently (just a week before my medical leave thing), there was similar case of 2 employees being fired for doing a side gig from org_A). I got scared of being unemployed so I lied.
What should be my best move here? What should I choose? Where should I go? This one move will decide my career into either Designing or development, both of which are tempting, however as of now I only did designing, never did development (not once).
I also fear that if I choose org_B, my bridges to org_A will be burned forever for which I will never ever forgive myself. But if I choose org_A, and lose org_B and if org_A fire me in future, then I'll no development experience and will be unemployed again with no relevant skills (to my field of study) and I've limited mobility so doing part-time gigs is difficult for me.
Thank you nice people in advance! Please put some wisdom in the comments and other importants points to consider while choosing. I can't decide.
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2021.10.26 15:40 MajorConvo I didn’t know about this sub until today. I went to a BTAC tasking last month and they also had this for us to try. There were apparently only four in the UK at the time and this was one of them.

I didn’t know about this sub until today. I went to a BTAC tasking last month and they also had this for us to try. There were apparently only four in the UK at the time and this was one of them. submitted by MajorConvo to Whiskyporn [link] [comments]

2021.10.26 15:40 blynn8 GameStop Opens NFT, Web3 Opportunities

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2021.10.26 15:40 Audvik19 Heavy rain and fierce thunderstorm for sleeping | Rain and Thunderstorm

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2021.10.26 15:40 TriggerWarning9 Is the 33% drop issue vs TQQQ non existent with QLD?

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2021.10.26 15:40 eminedgdfgfd Cybin granted FDA approval for to proceed with study using Kernel’s Flow technology to measure ketamine’s psychedelic effect on cerebral cortex hemodynamics (NYSE:CYBN)

Cybin has announced that the FDA has authorized an Investigational New Drug application to proceed with the company’s sponsored feasibility study using Kernel’s Flow technology to measure ketamine’s psychedelic effect on cerebral cortex hemodynamics.
This study requires patients to wear headgear equipped with sensors to record brain activity. Leveraging Kernel’s quantitative neuroimaging technology may lead to new frontiers in psychedelic therapeutics by enabling the acquisition of longitudinal brain activity before, during and after a psychedelic experience.
"We hope this feasibility study can bridge the gap of real-time quantitative data collection during psychedelic treatments to further understand the correlation of effects from these powerful molecules. The ability to access real-time brain activity data during a psychedelic experience has tremendous potential for the development of future psychedelic therapeutics," stated Doug Drysdale, Chief Executive Officer of Cybin.
Source: https://ca.finance.yahoo.com/news/cybin-announces-fda-investigational-drug-113000951.html
This is not financial advice.
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2021.10.26 15:40 DDisapointment Canadian CBRN

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2021.10.26 15:40 profromdover2021 Value Investing 101

Just watched a video of Buffet & Munger discussing value investing and it rung a bell with me. Have been a big fan of Buffet & value investing and it struck me that SRNE is the ultimate value investment. Down from the yearly high, strong future prospects with the pipeline and the innovative products. Time is on our side, be patient and stay positive and IMO we will be rewarded.
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2021.10.26 15:40 OtherDetective Always show scroll bars in Chrome?

Everyone, I have a Samsung tablet, and I need to have the scroll bars always showing (in Chrome), but I can't find any settings that allow this. Is this possible?
Is there another browser that has this ability on Android tablets? I might have to switch just for that.
Thank you all 🤠
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2021.10.26 15:40 KendrickMontero Can Thor Solve the Biggest Problem of DeFi?

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2021.10.26 15:40 fgrfan112 Not a dog,but here’s Daisy!

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